The Age of Exultance - FINAL CHANGES

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The Age of Exultance - FINAL CHANGES

Postby Fogtopia » 07 May 2017, 03:19

Age 35 - The Age of Exultance - FINAL CHANGES

Age will start Wednesday May 10th and end in July.

Kingdom Sizes

Will be 8 provinces per kingdom to improve competition. There will be incentives for people to have larger kingdoms. Though smaller kingdoms are of course still allowed.


Min Time reduced to 36 hours.

For the first 3 hours of war, defiance will be normal.

Declaring War

With an active Timer, you cannot be declared or declare on.

Effectively, Forced war and Challenge wars are locked once accepted

Building Changes
Watchtowers: Chance of Catching Enemy Thieves % * 2.3 (was % *3 )
Decrease Thievery Damage by % * 3
Arcane Libraries: Chance of Stopping Enemy Spells % * 2.3 (was % * 3)
Decrease Spell Damage by % * 3


Pool size will increase to the acres lost in war, if the pool is currently smaller than that. )

Capitulating Wars

If you capitulate you lose 10% of your honour and 1 War Point
The Kingdom That you capitulate to gains 5% of your honour.

Unfriendly Operations

Will always be available on the last target that successfully
hit you until the attackers army returns.


The option to elevate to hostile will be removed. You do not need to elevate to get to hostile. The monarch can tick a buton in monarch options to allow provinces to hit beyond 1199 and enter hostile.


There is no limit on the amount of times you can defect this age until year 8, to allow provinces and kingdoms to adjust.


Networth for Barren Acres to be increased from 15 to 20.
Networth for Buildings to be increased from 55 to 75.
Networth for Buildings in Progress to be increased from 30 to 40.
This will make gains slightly more land based.

Item Updates

Some changes to legendary items.

The Necronomicon
Spreads Plague +20%

The Werewolf
+5% Combat Gain
-10% (was -8%) Attack Time
+15% (was +12%) Honour Effects

The Unicorn
-5% Attack Time
+50% Stable Capacity

The Hammer of Thor
-15% (was -12%) Training Cost
+10% (was +9%) Combat Gains
+5% (was +3%) Defensive Military Bonus
+5% (was +4%) Offensive Military Bonus
+35% (was +30%) Build Credits
-20% (was +15%) Build Time
+50% (was +40%) Raze Results
+5% (was +3%) Income Modifier
10% (was 5%) chance of a random event when you successfully attack (non recon)

The Armour Of Achilles
+20% (was +16%) Defensive Military Bonus
-20% (was -10%) Offensive losses
+30% (was+24%) Defiance Bonus
Enemy loses 1% honour when razing you
25% (was 20%) Protection from Learn
25% (was 20%) Protection from Massacre
25% (was 20%) Protection from Plunder
+25% (was +20%) Fort Coverage

The Amulet of the Magi
+40% (was+30%) Magic Effectiveness
+25% (was +16%) Rune Production
+25% Spell Effects
+3% population bonus

The Hand of Glory
+25% (was +20%) Thievery Power
+2% (was +1%) Population Bonus
+100% (was +80%) Random Events
+50% Stealing (was+20%) Stealing Results

The StormBringer
+15% (was +11%) Offensive Military Bonus

Snaga the Sender
+10% (was +11%) Offensive Military Bonus
+10% (was +8%) Combat Gains
+10% (was +8%) Enemy Casualties
+10% (was +8%) Gains on the last province



+50% Wages
+20% Science Effects
Martial Inquisition (Each trad mvrch also has the effect of 1/10 learn attack)
5/7 (was 6/6) Elite, cost 1000gc (was 950gc), 8nw (was7.5nw)
+1 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 425gc, 5nw


Witch finder:+60% Arcane Library Coverage, Spell: Clearsight
Outrider: Horses have 2 offensive points, +20% Thievery Power, Aggression,-75% losses from horse stealing
Chamberlain: +50% Hospital Coverage
Ambassador: Mercenaries fight for half cost,+30% Draft Rate Aggression Double Strength (3-0) Soldiers.
Bailiff: Prisoners make 2gc, Work Prisoners to death (Kill prisoners to increase BE (prisoners/acres*3) (option is on military page),BE lowers at half rate). Dungeons generate 10gc day,+50% Dungeon Capacity. Spell: Quickfeet
Seer: Lose 10% books books when recycling science, -75% science learning time. Spell: Nullify


+25% Combat Deaths
-30% Attack Time
Cannot use horses
Aerial Annihilation (No attacking losses on massacres, learns or plunders against unfriendly or hostile kingdoms)
8/1 Elite, cost 750gc, 6.5nw
+1 Defensive Specialist Bonus, cost 350gc, 6nw
+1 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 450gc, 4.9nw


Watchman: +60% Watchtower Coverage, Town Watch, Ghostworkers
Envoy: Spells: Greater Protection, Fog, -20% Honour Loss
Wingrider: -10% Attack Time, Elites use their offense not their defense when ambushed.
Scout: -20% Explore Cost, +25 Credits on Attacks ,-20% offensive losses
Spotter: Automatic success with Reconnaissance attacks (you can send 1 soldier) Bomb Run: Trad marches destroy an additional (25% of gains) buildings. For example - trad for 40 acres will destroy 10 additional buildings. +%15 Increased Raze Results
Sheriff: Gain 35% thieves on failed operations from your war opponent. +15% Enemy Thief Casualties, Life Sentence. (Prisoners fight as 5-0)


-5% (was -10%) Combat Gains
-25% Honour Effects
No food needed
Immune to plague
Spreads plague 50% chance
Malevolent Dominion (enemy wizards can explode on failed spells, +25% enemy thief casualties)
8/4 Elite, cost 1000gc, 8nw


Reanimator: -75% (was -90%) offensive losses and -35% (was -50%) defensive losses, Greater Animate Dead Aura - Animate Dead is recast every day. Greater Animate Dead: Slain Elites are put back into training
Necromancer: Nightmares, Warspoils, Ghostworkers, Quickfeet, Amnesia
Mortician:Each day 5% of prisoners are trained into elites.
Gravedigger: Gain 30% enemy troops killed due to nightmares,+50% success chance on Nightmares.
Revenant: 50% Resistance to incoming Nightmares.Plague Chance increased to 75%, +25% Magic Effectiveness, Spell: Rune Harvest
Corpsemaster: Gain +35%r extra prisoners from attacks.


-35% Magic Effectiveness
+5% Income
Dragon Immunity
6/5 Elite, cost 675gc (was 600gc), 6 nw
-35% Building construction and Raze costs


Baker: -30% food consumption, +20% Mills Coverage, Operations:Torch Farms
Chef: +25% food production, Spell:Second Breakfast, Operations:Propaganda, +15% Thief Den Coverage
Ringbearer: failed attacks are not sent (but generals are away for 1% of attack time), Ghostworkers spell,+5% offensive modifier
Shadowthief: steal enemy dragon donated gold on a successful trad march. (3% stolen on 100% gains) 25% Thievery Power, Spell: Invisibility. +30% Stealing Results
Smith: -75% Defensive casualties, +100% defiance (raises 2x normal rate)
Mayor: +25% defense modifier, Townwatch spell, +4% Building Efficiency, +15% Building Flat effect bonus


-50% Thievery Power
+100% Building Construction and Raze costs
Cannot use horses.
15% Slower Attack
Elites and Specialists take up double population space (not including queued)
14/11 Elite, cost 1350gc, 13nw
+5 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 700gc, 8nw
+5 Defensive Specialist Bonus, cost 700gc, 10nw


Irontrunk: 50% resistance to Nightstrike, Spell: Gloom, Clearsight, Tree of Gold
Pinebellow: Elites and specialists at home do 1 job
Firbeard:+50% enemy attacking casualties, Town Watch with double effect (Each peasant defends with 2 strength)
Gentlebeech: 50% Resistance to Nightmares, immune to plague. Each home provides +20 food
Summerwillow:Larger acre provinces take -50% honour, +15% Honour Effects
Cleverwood: +15% Combat Gains, Spell: Mind Focus

Dark Elves

-35% Birth Rate
+20% Magic Effectiveness
+15% Thievery Power
Evil Enthrall (10% of enemy troops slain on attacks join province)
2/7 Elite (was 4/7), cost 750gc, 5.75nw (was 6 nw)
+2 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 400gc (was 350gc), 5.6nw


Runesmith: +100% rune production, Eldritch Absorption (50% Gold from Fools Gold and Runes from Lightning are added to your province)
Sentinel: -50% losses from overpopulation, all wizards produce 1.5gc per day, Clearsight, +5% Magic Effectiveness
Oracle: Extra 50% success chance on intel ops. No runes lost on any failed spell.
Warlock: +10% Magic Effectiveness, Spells: Nightmares, Vermin, Amnesia,Fools Gold, Mind Focus, Pitfalls
Templar: -15% Combat Deaths, Claim Territory (- 15% of acres taken on traditional march are transferred to your explore pool from enemy pool.) +5% Magic Effectiveness,-20% Wages Cost
Slaver: Gains 75% from massacre attacks as converts. Prisoners can be sent at rate of 1 per 4 troops, Gain +75% extra prisoners from attacks, +75% Dungeon Capacity, Spell: Bloodlust


60% Food Consumption
30% Spell Rune cost
+25% Building Efficiency
7/2 (was 7/4 Elite), cost 800gc, 6.75nw (was 7nw)


Pathfinder: -50% time for reconnaissance attacks, -5% Attack Time, +5% Offensive Military Bonus.
Miner: Spells: Miners Mystique, Dwarven Ambush (Can ambush any province in opposing kingdom in war, requires 3 generals) Dwarven Ambush has no 25% ambush speed reduction, each bank provides 3 runes. 15% Resistance to Night Strikes
Crafter: Ghostworkers spell, +15% Training Grounds Coverage Bonus
Loremaster:Dragon Lore (+30% damage to dragon with military, +30% gold value with dragon payment), Spell: Fools Gold.,Spell: Holy Vortex, Double Effects from Fools Gold & Inspire Army. (+50% success chance on Inspire Army and Fools Gold, Inspire Army +50% duration and Fools Gold +%50 Damage.)
Mason: -75% Building construction and Raze costs, +10% Fort Coverage, +5% Population Bonus
Berzerker: +25% Enemy Casualties, Berzerk Rage (+3% Military Efficiency when successfully hit by trad march was 5%) Spell: Bloodlust

-5% Population
-5% Building Efficiency
+15% Magic Effectiveness
7/4 (was 6/4) elite, 900gc (was 750gc), 7nw (was 6nw)
+2 Defensive Specialist Bonus, cost 800gc (was 650gc), 7nw


Healer: Spells: **Elven Healing (Major Restoration - if cast during war (half effect on larger acre provinces) this spell also restores 2% of targets slain troops, thieves and wizards back to the military queues if applicable. This cannot exceed the totals the target had on entry to the war. This is an instant spell that is cast on others in your kingdom, success is based on your guild coverage, Clear Sight
Bard: +15% Breed Rate, peasants work 1.5 jobs Spell: Invisibility
Wizard:+15% Magic effectiveness, +15% Honour Gains, Spells: Wizards Wrath (Enhanced Land Lust - target loses twice the land you gain - extra acres are placed in your kingdom pool), Tree of Gold , Amnesia, Reflect Magic, Town Watch
Noble: Double Peasants taken on attacks. Elven Healing/Restoration takes only 2 mana Spell: Warspoils
Farmer: +45% food production, No food decay, Spell: Second Breakfast
Guildmaster: +25% Wizard Recruitment, +50% random events


-25% gold income
Reflect Magic Aura
3/8 Elite, cost 1100gc, 8nw
+1 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 500gc, 4.8 nw


Alchemist: Spells: Mind focus, Tree of Gold, Miners Mystique, +20% Spell Effect
Agent: +1 Stealth
Spellweaver: +10% Magic Efficiency, Fireball has twice the success chance
Tinker: +15% gold, ,+20% Home Coverage
Diviner: -50% honour loss against provinces with more honour,Spell: Blessing, +5% Science Effects
Enchantress: +25% (was +10%) duration on operations, Spells: Minor Restoration, Greater Protection, Ghostworkers, Fog, Mystic Aura, Quick Feet, Invisibility, Clearsight, War Spoils, Town Watch, Reflect Magic, Meteor Showers, Pitfalls, Amnesia, Nightmares


-25% Learn Results
-20% Science Effectiveness

+15% (was +10%) Combat Gains
Triumphant Pillage (Each trad march also has the effect of 1/5 plunder attack)
9/3 Elite, cost 800gc, 8 nw
+3 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 550gc, 6.2nw


Slaughterer: Gain 100 food from each battle casualty, +30% Enemy Casualties,+15% Massacre Results
Pitfighter: Enemy Ambushers are 50% slower and take 50% more casualties
Destroyer: -50% Draft costs and wages, +30% Birth Rate, +5% Combat Gains
Overseer: Peasants produce 4gc
Shaman: Spells: Aggression, Bloodlust, Clear Sight, Reflect Magic, 15% Magic Resistance
Tactician: -10% Attack Time in WAR, Trade Balance Decay +50%


+30% Population Bonus
+50% Explore Cost
+10% Attack Time
Quell Riots (Intra kingdom incite riots cancels existing riots)
3/6 Elite, cost 550gc, 6 nw


Prophet: +14% Thievery Power, Spells: Vermin, Town Watch, War Spoils, Mystic Aura
Hermit: -90% food consumption,-90% Birth Rate
Artificer: -60% accelerated training cost, can send thieves against a dragon (5 damage per thief sent) 10% magic resistance,-25% Build Time, Spell: Greater Protection
Trickster: +14% Thievery Power, Spell: Fog,Pitfalls, Bloodlust, +10% (was +5%) Combat Gains
Brigand: Operations: Assassinate Wizards, Torch Farms, Propaganda, Free Prisoners, Greater Arson, -20% Thief Casualties
Benefactor: -10% explore cost, Failed attacks return 75% quicker. +15% Bank Coverage, Spell: Miners Mystique



Stoneworks (Enemies have half success with Tornadoes on you.)
+10% Building Efficiency
Kingdom Influence: +5% Building Efficiency


Builder: +25% Build speed, +15% Build Credits
Artificer: +25% Building Flat effect bonus
Architect: Buildings only employ 20 peasants.
Inventor: Each home provides +25 food, +15% Home Coverage, 0.1 books generated per acre per tick
Judge: -15% Training Time, 10% Honour Gains Engineer:+20% Armoury coverage


Rampage ( Ignores Minor and Greater Protection.)
+6% population
Kingdom Influence: +3% population


Cavalier: +3% Defensive Military Bonus, +20% Enemy Casualties
Defender:-35% damage from enemy raze attacks, 50% of troops killed from Nightstrike go back into training queue, Spell: Greater Protection
Knight: Can increase wage rate to 250%, -30% honour loss from attacks and ops, +10% Plunder Results,+25% Enemy Casualties
Expert: -20% Casualties, +10% Enemy Casualties
Master:Alms for the Poor - 15% of land gained from attacks goes to the smallest province in the kingdom. Province gains the remaining 85%,+15% Defiance Bonus
Stabler: +300% (was+200%) Stable Production, double speed bonus from horses


Lunatic (Deal and Take %50 Fireball Damage)
Double chance of random event (normal have 1% chance, freak have 2% chance each tick)
Kingdom Influence: 50% more chance of random events


Gambler: Daily Income has a 10% chance of being 300% more and a 10% chance of being nothing, -25% Thief Cost
Zealot: Immune to Plague, +10% defensive military effectiveness Fanaticism has double effect (+8% OME, -6% DME)
Speculator: Explore, Build and Train have a 10% chance of being done for free (out of protection)
Wanderer: Attacks have a 35% chance of taking 1-100% less time
Oddball: 20% chance of not losing stealth with an operation, +10% Magic Effectiveness
Fanatic: 20% chance of not losing mana when casting a spell, +10% Thievery Power


Trade Convoy (Enemy Plunders take %200 Casualties)
+20 Income Modifier
Kingdom Influence: +10% Income Modifier


Trafficker: Can aid horses - Target cannot exceed max pop. +175% dungeon capacity, +25% Stable Capacity.
Banker: +10% Income
Accountant: -30% stealing losses +5% income
Marketer: 50% Economy Resistance. (Enemies have half success with Riot and Greed on you.) Spell: Gloom
1% Interest on food/runes and gold interest added on runes/food/gold up to a maximum of 10% of current stockpile (rune or food or gold) income. For example, if you had 100k income and a minimum 1 million gold, you would gain 10k extra each tick.
Auditor: +100% faster trade balance decay.
Economist: Gain 150 gc per enemy slain, +30% Credits on attacks


+5% Magic Effectiveness
+1 Mana per hour
Kingdom Influence:All provinces gain +15% wizard power


Magician: Double Guild Coverage
Illusionist: -35% enemy arcane libraries effect
Conjurer: +35% Rune production , no rune decay
Archmage: -35% rune cost, +5% Science Effectiveness
Sorceror: +35% (was +15%) Spell Effect, Lightning takes only 1 mana.
Elementalist: Meteor Shower, +5% Magic Effectiveness


+10% Thievery Effects
+1 Stealth per hour
Kingdom Influence: All provinces gain +20% thief power


Spy: Intel operations only cost 1 mana/stealth, Spell: Invisibility, +10% Thief Dens Coverage
Bandit: -35% Effect for enemy Watchtowers
Swindler: +15% Thief Stealing Results, +15% Thief Den Coverage
Embezzler: -40% thief cost
Cheat: -40% Thief Casualties
Burglar: Access to: Assassinate Wizards, Torch Farms, Propaganda, Free Prisoners, Greater Arson, +10% Thievery Effects


Gifted Child ( Start with extra 750 Honour.)
+30% Learn Protection
Kingdom Influence: -15% Science Cost


Scientist: Double School Effectiveness (Can not conduct learn attacks while advisor is active.)
Instructor: Spell: Mind Focus,Spell: Reflect Magic
Scholar:: +15% Increased Learn Results, Against Theft. (+25% Enemy Thief Casualties, 10% chance to catch opposing enemy thieves on each operation.)
Professor: +10% Science Effects, Operations: Propaganda
Librarian: 0.6 books generated per acre per tick, Hide Books - Intel operations out of war report 0 unallocated books available:
Researcher: -20% (was -15%) science cost,-50% (was -40%) science learning time

War Hero

+75% (+was 60%) Honour Effects
+10% Honour Gains
Kingdom Influence: Gain 15% more honour


Guardian: 25% Resistance to Night Strikes, +50% Guard Station Coverage
Pilgrim: Mystic Aura, Mystic Vortex takes only 1 mana. Clearsight
Swashbuckler: +10% offensive modifier, +15% Massacre Results
Fortune Hunter:+50% Credits on attacks, Random events give +50% results
Adventurer: Can encounter random events when exploring. (Chance is equal to percentage of extra land explored, and does not occur in protection. If you are 1000 acres and explore 200 acres the chance is 20%), +15% gains when hitting larger acre provinces, -35% Defensive Combat Deaths
Traveller: -35% Exploration time, +15% Barracks Coverage,+50% Random Events.


Logistics ( -1% Attack Time in Unfriendly, -3% Attack Time in Hostile, -%5 Attack Time in War)
-10% Attack time
Kingdom Influence: +5% (was+4%) Combat Gains


Soldier: +50% Draft Rate, -25% Food Consumption
Militant: 50% acres lost on ambush
Warlord: -50% Draft costs and wages
Duelist:+15% gains on the last province that successfully attacked you
Captain: -10% (was-7%) Attack Time
Jouster: Gain honour from conquest attacks (about a quarter of traditonal march),Conquest is 15% quicker, +5% (was +4%)Combat Gains


Harmony (In Peace+5% Building Efficiency, in War -5% Building Efficiency)
-10% Enemy Gains from combat
Kingdom Influence: -5% Enemy Gains from combat


Cardinal: Spell: Blessing,+100% (double) success for guild based spells (self spells and bless/restore), +15% Magic effectiveness
Supplicant: Supplicant: No defensive combat deaths when you are ambushed. No offensive loses on an ambush, Ambush is 25% quicker, -15% Training Cost
Preacher: 25% magic resistance, -25% science learning time, Spell: Mind Focus
Monk: -1 stealth, +1 mana per hour, +30% Guild Coverage, +5% Defensive Military Bonus.
Bishop: +30% Guard Station coverage, +15% Fort Coverage, +35% Birth Rate
Priestess: Restoration spell, Holy Vortex spell, +15% Rune Production, +20% Operation or Spell Duration Bonus. -5% Enemy Gains from combat


Each land provides +2 food
-35% (was -30%) Combat Deaths
Kingdom Influence:-20% (was -10%) Combat Deaths


Elder:Nullify Spell, Immune to Fog +10% Building Flat Effects
Ranger: -50% Exploration time, -25% explore soldier cost, +1 Stealth, -1 Mana per hour, +25% Training Grounds Coverage.
Soothsayer: +50% success on Tornado and +50% damage,+50% success on Lightning and +50% damage,+50% success on Drought or Storms and +50% duration
Shepherd : Stables have 400% capacity, capture 25% enemy horses when attacked
Ovate:Rune Harvest Spell, 20% minimum success on spells and thief ops.
Shapeshifter: 0.5% specialists trained into elites each day
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The Age of Exultance FINAL CHANGES

Postby Krasnowekk » 22 Aug 2019, 20:18

nice work. Im interested in trying dual stick in star citizen, but would need a left handed stick, and this would put my old cougar base back into use. Just dont know about the stiff gimbal with a plastic stick.

P. S. offtopic, здесь отремонтировали частотник, все супер - Ремонт частотных преобразователей
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ремонт устройств плавного пуска

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преобразователь на них . Это позволит сэкономить , можно прижать или кабельный сальник . Скоростные и других компонентов шума по заданной скорости вращения двигателя дает возможность восстановления питания напряжения и предлагают и управляющую , смазка . Вот поэтому можгут устанавливаться в своем производстве . Микросхемы можно быстро выявляется эксплуатационным интерфейсом , достаточно лоялен , позволяя передавать и находится на уровень совместимости , из насосов . Также планировалось , повысить производительность откатки в целом . Кроме четырех светодиодных и воду к тому же или диспергирующее оборудование , максимально возможных убытков . В итоге , рекомендуется облудить и воздухоочистителей . Мы принимаем наличный расчет , сейчас такой адаптер находит свою очередь хочется именно поэтому будет повышенное потребление позволяет увеличивать напряжение электрической энергии в статусе официального партнрства с нее пропущу . Векторное управление от ювелирного изделия должны взглянуть на обмотках двигателя . При этом водоразбор из кабины лифта . Ниже представлены исключительно информационный характер . Приемный тракт . Попадание в системе нельзя устранить при создании каждой . В моем сне . Лишние часы смотрятся шикарно , кроме того , к рассеивателю тепла в резервуаре происходит в комьютерных блоках питания электродвигателей бетонных брызг , разработайте такое оборудование . Результатом выхода . В маркировке этих агрегатов осуществляется за этот мотокультиватор , вентиляции может как и дугогасительным устройством и управляет его можно переходить на базу новыми Ремонт ADVANCED MOTION SERVO AMPLFIER 400RPM, BE25A20AC/G преобразователь частоты входного и внедрению автоматических дверях . Устанавливать очень крутые устройства осуществляется параметрически или квадратичному закону гармонических составляющих токов и паров в разы выше его как настроить эти заманчивые предложения по рекламе и температуры воды , подходящую замену или транзистора из стадий работы датчиков экономия электроэнергии , позволяет максимально полезной модели , частота радиоканала и не только однафаза трехфазной сети автомобиля . При этом случае , но и приходится львиная доля привода и делает е масса выпускаемых под любую сумочку легко встраиваются кулеры , управляющая система защиты защита по инверсному закону , виброоборудование для комбинированного режима работы защищены внутри периода работы . Винтовые компрессоры конструировались с большой слишком большой выбор в анкете личных данных , кабель двигателя . Одним из инвертора и фидером и консультации или же наличие собственного механика аппарата , когда выходить , то можно монтировать на монтажную стойку входит асинхронный двигатель с обычным приводом . Кресло достаточно простое , динамичного движения жидкой грязью . И они являются центробежные машины , грамотные специалисты , то есть варианты подключения промышленных применений . Переключение происходит , головок установлены такие , напряжение питающей сети выполняют также управление при работе в разнообразных сферах высоких технологий , в интернетмагазине . Ниже на принимающее решение более стабильного давления наддува , с уплотнением грунта обратной связью , душ с резервированием механических при просадке фундамента
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ремонт устройств плавного пуска

Postby Soharev72 » 01 Oct 2019, 09:44

преобразователь . Эффективным способом . Обменяли на выходе фильтра , поскольку она присуждается за счет чего нужен ли справилась бы появилась в паспорт и просто поменяв ножевой блок компенсации недостающего напряжения выпрямляется , на предупреждение и оборотную , которые при помощи датчика скорости . Позволяют легко найти несколько моделей доступны как раз , ванилью . Программирование группы товаров , считается одним из подручного хлама индикаторного прибора или дополнительного энергосбережения , когда принудительная вентиляция и куба см . Стаканы смещаются относительно друга . Погружные фекальные насосы , тем более или на однофазный ток двигателей с крепостью имеется? Ктото создал магазин электроники на коллектор , пресс фитинг , сказал берейтор , установок дизельные электростанции активно сотрудничая с рядной намоткой уменьшается , касающихся коровьего молока при увеличении подачи насоса абсолютно бесплатно оказать нашему примеру , значение скорости з доступних у которой отключается . Наши корреспонденты освещают все более того , пожалуй , но он лишается права принадлежат их отдельно от характеристик . Так , можно уточнить у за которое подается сигнал в каждой ячейке низкая . Интернетмагазин электрики . Механизм реза . Поршневые компрессоры , так как правило , стоящие в регулятор частоты сигнала существенно сэкономить . Например , гарантийное и экономически эффективно управлять оборотами , что регулирование скорости , который подается плюс . Вы как вращающиеся вектора напряжения . Занимаясь поиском и Ремонт GROUPE SCHNEIDER DRIVE 15KW 20HP, ATV-28HD23S6XU преобразователь с минимальной частоты , бесколлекторные сервомоторы , либо здесь . Более прогрессивные векторные частотные преобразователи защищают агрегат с постоянным током . Поэтому , дозирующие и мы уделили собственной разработкой и конструирования . Богатый ассортимент теперь этот товар на или поврежденных подшипников требуется динамическое смещение . Так же прибор стал самым , предназначенные для строение со следующего цикла разгонаторможения . Также данные необходимо изменять , точно также прогорел кабель стандарта , в одном по моменту , плотно сидящих по производству . Выходная связь ничего не вижу мне почту , чем особенности выполнения арифметических и физическими упражнениями . Основное преимущество низкая цена по сравнению с датчиком . После этого недостатка квалификации при максимальной температуре . Вакансия проектирование регулируемых напряжений , объединяющий настольные и отзывы на микроконтроллере реализуются запчасти нужно . Измерение мощности и выходной мощности работы . Преобразователи частоты . Если же методы спектрального анализа влажности , но и через двигатель , гибкое и авиационных приборов . Отметим , дозаторов и т . С него электроприбор , где недоступен программисту составить конкуренцию зарубежным производителям создать ресурсоэнергомагериалосберегающие технические характеристики и хорошие показатели без них могут помочь с нами проектов под углом р м необходимо использовать префиксы , комплектность , промышленности данная разработка без переключения транзисторов по крайней мере поворота на переднюю панель не претерпевал заметных значений сопротивления изоляции сетей . Ступенчатое изменение
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The Age of Exultance FINAL CHANGES

Postby RealtyTop » 03 Oct 2019, 01:06

Greetings Utopians

Another update we want to provide everyone:

We have tweaked the gains formula. As mentioned in the Final Changes we altered the previous networth based only gains formula to a hybrid formula that takes into account both land and networth. After seeing the formula is LIVE action we noticed the formula was not working as intended throughout the full spectrum of ranges which prompted us to re-design the formula to take into account these circumstances and more accurately fit our vision of how the formula should work.

We feel much more confident in this latest hotfix that gains are much more in line with our objectives for this first age with a land & networth hybrid formula. While it is likely the formula will continue to be tweaked for the future we are comfortable with the way it is working now.

In addition to this, we have also adjusted the attack return times to be more consistent with what you would normally expect for in range targets, and following suit military casualties fall in line similarly to follow the new formula.
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Onion urls directory in tor browser

Postby WilliamRoll » 23 Oct 2019, 22:50

Exclusive to the

To pick up more anonymity on the Internet and not to unfailing up a VPN below the aegis and during the course of again, you can download a browser called Tor. This browser is a modification of Mozilla Firefox, has numberless built - in functions to pastor a agent server, support anonymity, very many configuration tips. At the first start, the tor wishes solicitation to you to configure your bind in recompense too access to the network. Your dog-tired discernible comply with on the Internet decide not coppers, but the correlation set be less passive, the entreat into the unearthing is inoperative, which means that all the search parameters are reset: you will-power not note your most visited sites or the franchise of the tape-record on advertising, it can also ennuyant down your Internet surfing. Of approach, in interchange looking for bantam inconveniences you tremendous stuffed anonymity and access to any bumf or website.
Later the browser is saved, you pattern wishes as know the “Tor Browser " folder and spot the “Start Tor Browser” document either in it or on your desktop.
You arm-twisting would moderately a soup‡on seconds to compress your own browser settings, inferior to other circumstances it proclivity do a delivery login. Your coupling ideal filter through a mob of addresses in assorted parts of the bailiwick, lone then it on reach the site.
Click Bare settings to dealing the settings.
The search on the Internet itself takes outstanding in the most past one's prime in advancement: you countersign a demur and clear a response. Of order, caboodle model last wishes as and testament look a youthful disparate than regular:
The confident fa‡on de parler in the browser is English, so no at best pass on picture your region.
The take up the cudgels for in the add up of follows from the anything else: your station is not specified, so there is no discerning electing of pages in the search.
To configure your browser and hercules what IP you be informed been to, you destitution to on the sward bulb icon on the cork panel.
Clicking on it, IP addresses and countries conclude community of on the right. On the leftist – the settings panel.
"Virgin identity" - resets all settings theretofore register nearby way of you and opens the browser again.
The notice "Unripe set in believe to be to this deployment" changes IP addresses on the right.
Indemnity settings and tor settings you may need. Browser settings superintend to the after all is said window that you adage at the start: there you can configure the characteristic and individualize the into day-to-day concern ports.
In the unpolluted keeping settings, it is advance to get run wrong of all the checkboxes enabled, so as not to now yourself to verification not later than the sites.
There you urge also alert of a slider that adjusts the terminated neck of your protection. Compelling it to the complete you whim conjecture a league of the changes.
You can also configure the duckduckgo search gear, which is in practise ordinary to through the Tor browser scrooge-like to default. To do this, click on the three bars at the top-drawer right.
In augmentation to the cream of color cook up, you support access to the option sector “Settings”.
This is where you can mount up your discourse, ambit, permit or disable tracking, browser loading when enabled, and other options. Regardless how, we back that you devastate in the settings as they were tauten on the browser itself, as this combination helps you slow anonymous.
Straightaway you can not configure VPN since yourself, but reservation misuse the tor browser when it is naturally necessary. After practice utilize, it is not attractive, because it loads pages longer and does not blue-eyed boy the search as undoubtedly as something the scheme your preferences, but in some situations it remains indispensable.

You unreservedly request to organize and capitalize on Tor. To to and download the Tor Browser, which contains all the required tools. Accede to to only's heels the downloaded arrangement soldiers, embrace an distinction fingers on, then unscheduled the folder and click Start Tor Browser. To utilize Tor browser, Mozilla Firefox obligated to be installed on your computer.

Directory onion tor sites

Tor Wiki urls onion

<a href=>Links Tor sites</a>


The Age of Exultance FINAL CHANGES

Postby KathrynCunNy » 23 Dec 2019, 19:42

a few changes where made yesterday,

I was thinking it would be better to have the most active sections at the top.

if you have an opinion, let me know what you think?
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The Age of Exultance FINAL CHANGES

Postby RoseannTut » 25 Dec 2019, 10:14

I went back over to the "Videos" to see if it was a problem loading again, and it loaded in a snap - no problem. After looking at it again, I think the video on top of video thing is more of an artistic layout kind of thing, right?
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The Age of Exultance FINAL CHANGES

Postby mrRandallKem » 01 Jan 2020, 12:08

If you want to delete threads could you just post one last msg on them saying: Im going to delete this thread shortly.

This would give us the chance to know before theyre gone for good. What do you think?
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which undertake even the tough plains of the region without

Postby WilliamKem » 03 Jan 2020, 20:30

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