Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

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Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby Fogtopia » 26 Jan 2017, 18:52

Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes V4

Age will start Thursday 2nd of February and end in April.


Since first preliminary changes were posted:

Human: elite is now 6/6.
Avians: elite cost reduced to 700gc.
Avians: Fog spell added and attack speed increased.
Orcs: birth rate increased.
Capitulate removes the war points from the kingdom capitulating, this is to prevent abuse.
One Ring added to Legendary changes.
Forced War/Challenge and Capitulate changes.
Avain changes: Fog added to Envoy, Wingrider gains -10% attack time, (was -5%)
Orc Destroyer gains +30% Birth rate
Champion: Rampage changed to Immunity to Greater/Minor Protection, +25% casualties moved to Knight.
Watchtowers and Arcane Libraries Changed V3

Age Name

This is not a comment on the state of the world or the game, I once promised a player called Woe If we ever got to W on the ages I would name the age after him.

Kingdom Sizes

There has been a call again to reduce kingdom sizes, I do not know how popular this idea is so as a bit of fun, we will hold a referendum this age on reducing sizes to 10. This will appear as a vote option on the overview page after the first few years. If its a players first age they will not be eligible to vote. Votes will be anonymous. Results will be announced a a few years before end of age to give kingdoms time to adjust to the twexit if required.

Forced War and Challenges

If the war is cancelled for any reason before the counter expires, rebuild will continue for 48 more hours to give kingdoms time to readjust their builds.

Capitulating Wars

If you capitulate a war, rather than adding war win points to your opponent they will be removed from your own war point total. Capitulate will also cause 10% honour loss.

Age Plan

I am going to add a Development Forum, where I will post daily on what I am doing to improve, promote and fix bugs within Mythea. I think this will be a good motivational force for me to get back on track, and the transparency and feedback will be good for our community. Basically it will be a new forum that only I can create threads in but you will all be free to comment on them.


Chance of Catching Enemy Thieves % * 3 (was % * 2)
Decrease Thievery Damage by % * 3 (was % * 3)

Arcane Libraries
Chance of Stopping Enemy Spells % * 3 (was % * 2)
Decrease Spell Damage by % * 3 (was % * 2)

World Chat

I will introduce posting bans from world chat for people who cannot be civil in it.


Science networth to be decreased from 1/30th per book to 1/45th per book.

Item Updates

A few changes for weak items, and weak legendaries.

Horn Of Return : After the first blow 40% chance of item destruction on use (was 30% chance of item destruction on use)
The Banner of Resurgence :Cannot use within 2 days of a previous item use (was 5 days)
The Book of Change :Cannot use within 2 days of previous kingdom item use (was 12 days)
The DragonBane :Kingdom Cool Down reduced from 12 hours to 6 hours.
The DragonBoon :Kingdom Cool Down reduced from 12 hours to 6 hours.
The Virtuous Sacrifice :Removes 50 honour and adds 1000 Training Credits on use (was 100 honour and 800 Training Credits)
The Barter Coin :Removes 100 acres and adds 300,000 gold on use (was 240,000)
The Rune Skull :Converts runes into gold (1 rune to 5 gold) (was 3 gold)

The One Ring
Cannot be used with composite set items
+3% Science Effects was +1%
+20% Birth Rate was +16%
+2% Combat Gains was +1%
+5% Thievery Power was +2%
+12% Build Efficiency was +10%
+2% Defensive Military Bonus was +1%
+2% Population Bonus was +1%
-20% Magic Resistance (lower duration or damage) was -16%
-10% Offensive losses was +6%
+4% Offensive Military Bonus was +2%
+3% Income Modifier was +1%
+15% Magic Effectiveness was +12%

The Gem of Thrones
Cannot be used with composite set items
+30% Honour Gains was +20%
-15% Science Cost was -10%
+15% Building Flat Effects was +10%
+50% Food Production was +25%
+10% Income Modifier was +5%
-30% Draft Cost was -25%
-20% Wages Cost was -16%

The Eye of Rhynn
Cannot be used with composite set items
+9% Thievery Power was +5%
+9% Magic Effectiveness was +5%
+7% Population Bonus was +5%
1 Mana or Stealth Intel Cost
-20% Explore Cost was -12%
-20% Explore Time was -12%
+5 Income Modifier was +2%
30% of your troops slain in combat rejoin queue was 20%

The Unicorn
Cannot be used with composite set items
+20% Birth Rate was +10%
-20% Combat Deaths was -10%
9 day minimum self spell duration
+75% Food Production was +40%
75% minimum self spell success
+225% Random Events was +200%
-20% Honour Loss was -%10

The Crown of Midas
Cannot be used with composite set items
+25% Income Modifier was +14%
Gain income when you are successfully hit
by a non recon attack
(Equivalent to 40-70% income)
1st of each month receive triple gold income, does not effect tree of gold.
8% chance each day of doubling gold, rune or food income. was 5%

The Extraordinary League
Cannot be used with composite set items
-10% Training Cost was -8%
-30% Thief Cost was -20%
+25% higher wizard recruitment was +20%
+30% School Coverage was +20%
+30% Barracks Coverage was +20%
+30% Banks Coverage was +20%
+30% Hospitals Coverage was +20%
+30% Thief Dens Coverage was +20%
+50% Operation or Spell Duration Bonus was +40%
-35% Wages Cost was -25%

The Necronomicon
Cannot be used with composite set items
-30% Magic Resistance (lower duration or damage) was -25%
NEW * 15% chance to catch opposing enemy thieves on each operation
Personality is random on the 1st every month
revert back on 1st if item is sold.
enemy slain return as peasants
random events give +40% results was +25%
50% chance of receiving a random self spell for every hostile spell cast on you.


Generally it is the same people coming back who create multis. I will try and reintroduce the IP bans that I had in the very early ages. The issue is their are always ways of circumventing them plus they cause problems in certain countries where they allocate IP addresses but I think on balance it might be worth it.

User Interface

Some pages are in drastic need of an update, I’ll try and address this with feedback from the new Development Forum.



+50% Wages
+20% Science Effects
Martial Inquisition (Each trad march also has the effect of 1/10 learn attack)
6/6 (was 7/5) Elite, cost 950gc, 7.5nw
+1 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 425gc, 5nw

Witch finder:+60% Arcane Library Coverage
Outrider: Horses have 2 offensive points, +20% Thievery Effects, Aggression,-75% losses from horse stealing
Chamberlain: +50% Hospital Coverage
Ambassador: Mercenaries fight for half cost,+30% Draft Rate Aggression Double Strength (3-0) Soldiers.
Bailiff: Prisoners make 2gc, Work Prisoners to death (Kill prisoners to increase BE (prisoners/acres*3) (option is on military page),BE lowers at half rate). Dungeons generate 10gc day,+50% Dungeon Capacity. Spell: Quickfeet
Seer:Lose 10% (was 5%) books books when recycling science, -75% science learning time. Spell: Nullify


+25% Combat Deaths
-30% Attack Time
Cannot use horses
Aerial Annihilation (No attacking losses on massacres, learns or plunders against unfriendly or hostile kingdoms)
8/1 (was 8/2) Elite, cost 700gc (was 750gc), 6.5nw
+1 Defensive Specialist Bonus, cost 350gc, 6nw

Watchman: +60% Watchtower Coverage, Town Watch, Ghostworkers
Envoy: Spells: Greater Protection, Fog, -20% Honour Loss
Wingrider: -10% (was -5%) Attack Time
, Elites use their offense not their defense when ambushed.
Scout: -20% Explore Cost, +25 Credits on Attacks ,-20% offensive losses
Spotter: Automatic success with Reconnaissance attacks (you can send 1 soldier) Bomb Run: Trad marches destroy an additional (25% of gains) buildings. For example - trad for 40 acres will destroy 10 additional buildings. +%15 Increased Raze Results
Sheriff: Gain 35% thieves on failed operations from your war opponent. +15% Enemy Thief Casualties, Life Sentence. (Prisoners fight as 4-0.)


-10% (was -8%) Combat Gains
-25% Honour Effects
No food needed
Immune to plague
Spreads plague 50% chance
Malevolent Dominion (enemy wizards can explode on failed spells, +25% enemy thief casualties)
8/4 Elite, cost 1000gc, 8nw

Reanimator: -90% offensive losses and -50% defensive losses, Greater Animate Dead Aura - Animate Dead is recast every day. Greater Animate Dead: Slain Elites are put back into training
Necromancer: Nightmares, Warspoils, Ghostworkers, Quickfeet
Mortician:Each day 5% of prisoners are trained into elites.
Gravedigger: Gain 30% enemy troops killed due to nightmares,+50% success chance on Nightmares.
Revenant: 50% Resistance to incoming Nightmares.Plague Chance increased to 75%, +25% (was +15%) Magic Effectiveness, Spell: Rune Harvest
Corpsemaster: Gain +35% (was 25%) extra prisoners from attacks.


-35% Magic Effectiveness
+5% Income
Dragon Immunity
6/5 Elite, cost 600gc, 6 nw

Baker: -30% food consumption,Torch Farms, +20% Mills Coverage
Chef: +25% food production, Spell:Second Breakfast, Propaganda, +15% Thief Den Coverage
Ringbearer: failed attacks are not sent (but generals are away for 1% of attack time), Ghostworkers spell,+5% offensive modifier
Shadowthief: steal enemy dragon donated gold on a successful trad march. (3% stolen on 100% gains) 25% Thievery Power Invisibility spell. +30% Stealing Results
Smith: -75% Defensive casualties, +100% defiance (raises 2x normal rate)
Mayor: +25% defense modifier, Townwatch spell, +4% Building Efficiency, +15% Building Flat effect bonus


-50% Thievery Power
+100% Building Construction and Raze costs

Cannot use horses.
15% Slower Attack
Elites and Specialists take up double population space (not including queued)
14/11 Elite, cost 1350gc, 13nw
+5 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 700gc, 8nw
+5 Defensive Specialist Bonus, cost 700gc, 10nw

Irontrunk: 50% resistance to Nightstrike, Gloom, Clearsight spell
Pinebellow: Elites and specialists at home do 1 job
Firbeard:+50% enemy attacking casualties, Town Watch with double effect (Each peasant defends with 2 strength)
Gentlebeech: 50% Resistance to Nightmares, immune to plague. Each home provides +20 food
Summerwillow:Larger acre provinces take -50% honour, +15% Honour Effects
Cleverwood: +15% (was 12%) Combat Gains, Spell: Mind Focus

Dark Elves

-35% Birth Rate
+20% Magic effectiveness
Evil Enthrall (10% of enemy troops slain on attacks join province)
4/7 Elite, cost 750gc, 6nw
+2 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 350gc, 5.6nw

Runesmith: +100% rune production, Eldritch Absorption (50% Gold from Fools Gold and Runes from Lightning are added to your province)
Sentinel: -50% losses from overpopulation, all wizards produce 1.5gc per day, Clearsight, +5% Magic Effectiveness
Oracle: Extra 50% success chance on intel ops. No runes lost on any failed spell.
Warlock: +10% Magic Effectiveness, Spells: Nightmares, Vermin, Amnesia,Fools Gold, Mind Focus, Pitfalls
Templar: -15% Combat Deaths, Claim Territory (- 15% of acres taken on traditional march are transferred to your explore pool from enemy pool.) +5% Magic Effectiveness,-20% Wages Cost
Slaver: Gains 75% from massacre attacks as converts. Prisoners can be sent at rate of 1 per 4 troops, Gain +75% extra prisoners from attacks, +75% Dungeon Capacity, Spell: Bloodlust


+60% Food Consumption
+30% Spell Rune cost

+25% Building Efficiency
7/4 Elite, cost 800gc, 7nw

Pathfinder: -50% time for reconnaissance attacks, -5% Attack Time, +5% Offensive Military Bonus.
Miner: Spells: Miners Mystique, Dwarven Ambush (Can ambush any province in opposing kingdom in war, requires 3 generals) Dwarven Ambush has no 25% ambush speed reduction, each bank provides 3 runes. 15% Resistance to Night Strikes
Crafter: Ghostworkers spell, +15% Training Grounds Coverage Bonus
Loremaster:Dragon Lore (+30% damage to dragon with military, +30% gold value with dragon payment), Spell: Fools Gold.,Spell: Holy Vortex, Double Effects from Fools Gold & Inspire Army. (+50% success chance on Inspire Army and Fools Gold, Inspire Army +50% duration and Fools Gold +%50 Damage.)
Mason: -75% Building construction and Raze costs, +10% Fort Coverage, +5% (was +3%) Population Bonus
Berzerker: +25% Enemy Casualties, Berzerk Rage (+5% Military Efficiency when successfully hit by trad march.) Spell: Bloodlust


-5% Population
+15% Magic Effectiveness
6/4 elite, 750gc, 6nw
+2 Defensive Specialist Bonus, cost 650gc, 7nw

Healer: Spells: **Elven Healing (Major Restoration - if cast during war (half effect on larger acre provinces) this spell also restores 2% of targets slain troops, thieves and wizards back to the military queues if applicable. This cannot exceed the totals the target had on entry to the war. This is an instant spell that is cast on others in your kingdom, success is based on your guild coverage, Clear Sight
Bard: +15% Breed Rate, peasants work 1.5 jobs Spell: Invisibility
Wizard:+15% Magic effectiveness, +15% Honour Gains, Spells: Wizards Wrath (Enhanced Land Lust - target loses twice the land you gain - extra acres are placed in your kingdom pool), Tree of Gold , Amnesia, Reflect Magic, Town Watch
Noble: Double Peasants taken on attacks. Elven Healing/Restoration takes only 2 mana Spell: Warspoils
Farmer: +45% food production, No food decay, Spell: Second Breakfast
Guildmaster: +25% Wizard Recruitment, +50% random events


-25% gold income (was -%15)
Reflect Magic Aura
3/8 Elite, cost 1100gc, 8nw
+1 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 500gc, 4.8 nw

Alchemist: Spells: mind focus, Tree of Gold, Miners Mystique
Agent: +1 Stealth
Spellweaver: +10% Magic Efficiency, Fireball has twice the success chance
Tinker: +15% gold, ,+20% Home Coverage
Diviner: -50% honour loss against provinces with more honour,Spell: Blessing, +5% Science Effects
Enchantress: +10% duration on operations, Spells: Minor Restoration, Greater Protection, Ghostworkers, Fog, Mystic Aura, Quick Feet, Invisibility, Clearsight, War Spoils, Town Watch, Reflect Magic, Meteor Showers, Pitfalls, Amnesia, Nightmares


-50% Learn Results
-30% Science Effectiveness
+10% (was +8%) Combat Gains

Triumphant Pillage (Each trad march also has the effect of 1/5 plunder attack)
9/3 Elite, cost 800gc, 8 nw
+3 Offensive Specialist Bonus, cost 550gc, 6.2nw

Slaughterer: Gain 100 food from each battle casualty, +30% Enemy Casualties,+15% Massacre Results
Pitfighter: Enemy Ambushers are 50% slower and take 50% more casualties
Destroyer: -50% Draft costs and wages, +30% Birth Rate.
Overseer: Peasants produce 4gc
Shaman: Spells: Aggression, Bloodlust, Clear Sight, Reflect Magic, 15% Magic Resistance
Tactician: -10% Attack Time in WAR, Trade Balance Decay +50%


+30% (was +25%) Population Bonus
+50% (was +35%) Explore Cost

Quell Riots (Intra kingdom incite riots cancels existing riots)
3/6 Elite, cost 550gc, 6 nw

Prophet: +14% Thievery Effects, Spells: Vermin, Town Watch, War Spoils, Mystic Aura
Hermit: -90% food consumption,-90% Birth Rate
Artificer: -60% accelerated training cost, can send thieves against a dragon (5 damage per thief sent) 10% magic resistance,-25% Build Time, Spell: Greater Protection
Trickster: +14% Thievery Effects, Spell: Fog,Pitfalls, Bloodlust, +5% Combat Gains
Brigand: Access to Assassinate Wizards, Torch Farms, Propaganda, Free Prisoners, Greater Arson, -20% Thief Casualties
Benefactor: -10% explore cost, Failed attacks return 75% quicker. +15% Bank Coverage, Spell: Miners Mystique



New: Stoneworks (Enemies have half success with Tornadoes on you.)
+10% Building Efficiency
Kingdom Influence: +5% Building Efficiency

Builder: +25% Build speed, +15% Build Credits
Artificer: +25% Building Flat effect bonus
Architect: Buildings only employ 20 peasants.
Inventor: Each home provides +25 food, +15% Home Coverage, 0.1 books generated per acre per tick
Judge: -15% Training Time, 10% Honour Gains
Engineer:+20% Armoury coverage


New: Rampage (Immune to Greater and Minor Protection)
+6% population
Kingdom Influence: +3% population

Cavalier: +3% Defensive Military Bonus, +20% Enemy Casualties
Defender:-35% damage from enemy raze attacks, 50% of troops killed from Nightstrike go back into training queue, Spell: Greater Protection
Knight: Can increase wage rate to 250%, -30% honour loss from attacks and ops, +10% Plunder Results, +25% Enemy Casualties
Expert: -20% Casualties, +10% Enemy Casualties
Master:Alms for the Poor - 15% of land gained from attacks goes to the smallest province in the kingdom. Province gains the remaining 85%,+15% Defiance Bonus
Stabler: +200% Stable Production, double speed bonus from horses


New: Lunatic (Deal %50 More Fireball Damage and Take %50 More Fireball Damage)
Double chance of random event (normal have 1% chance, freak have 2% chance each tick)
Kingdom Influence: 50% more chance of random events

Gambler: Daily Income has a 10% chance of being 300% more and a 10% chance of being nothing, -25% Thief Cost
Zealot: Immune to Plague, +10% defensive military effectiveness Fanaticism has double effect (+8% OME, -6% DME)
Speculator: Explore, Build and Train have a 10% chance of being done for free (out of protection)
Wanderer: Attacks have a 35% chance of taking 1-100% less time
Oddball: 20% chance of not losing stealth with an operation, +10% Magic Effectiveness
Fanatic: 20% chance of not losing mana when casting a spell, +10% Thievery Effects


New: Trade Convoy (Enemy Plunders take 200% Casualties)
+20 Income Modifier
Kingdom Influence: +10% Income Modifier

Trafficker: Can aid horses - Target cannot exceed max pop. +175% dungeon capacity, +25% Stable Capacity.
Banker: +10% Income
Accountant: -30% stealing losses +5% income
Marketer: 50% Economy Resistance. (Enemies have half success with Riot and Greed on you.) Spell: Gloom
1% Interest on food/runes and gold interest added on runes/food/gold up to a maximum of 10% of current stockpile (rune or food or gold) income. For example, if you had 100k income and a minimum 1 million gold, you would gain 10k extra each tick.
Auditor: +100% faster trade balance decay.
Economist: Gain 150 gc per enemy slain


+5% Magic Effectiveness
+1 Mana per hour
Kingdom Influence:All provinces gain +15% wizard power

Magician: Double Guild Coverage
Illusionist: -35% enemy arcane libraries effect
Conjurer:+35% Rune production , no rune decay
Archmage:-35% rune cost, +5% Science Effectiveness
Sorceror:+15% Spell Effect, Lightning takes only 2 mana.
Elementalist: Meteor Shower, +5% Magic Effectiveness


+10% Thievery Power
+1 Stealth per hour
Kingdom Influence: All provinces gain +20% thief power

Spy: Intel operations only cost 1 mana/stealth, Spell: Invisibility, +10% Thief Dens Coverage
Bandit: -35% Effect for enemy Watchtowers
Swindler: +15% Thief Stealing Results
Embezzler: -40% thief cost
Cheat: -40% Thief Casualties
Burglar: Access to: Assassinate Wizards, Torch Farms, Propaganda, Free Prisoners, Greater Arson, +10% Thievery Power


New: Gifted Child ( Start with extra 750 Honour.)
+30% Learn Protection
Kingdom Influence: -15% (was -10%) Science Cost

Scientist: Double School Effectiveness (Can not conduct learn attacks while advisor is active.)
Instructor: Spell: Mind Focus,Spell: Reflect Magic
Scholar:+15% Increased Learn Results, Against Theft. (+25% Enemy Thief Casualties, 10% chance to catch opposing enemy thieves on each operation.)
Professor: +10% Science Effects
Librarian: 0.6 books generated per acre per tick, Hide Books - Intel operations out of war report 0 unallocated books available
Researcher: -15% science cost,-40% science learning time

War Hero

+60% Honour Effects
+10% Honour Gains
Kingdom Influence: Gain 15% more honour

Guardian: 25% Resistance to Night Strikes, +50% Guard Station Coverage
Pilgrim: Mystic Aura, Mystic Vortex takes only 1 mana. Clearsight
Swashbuckler: +10% offensive modifier, +15% Massacre Results
Fortune Hunter:+50% Credits on attacks, Random events give +50% results
Adventurer: Can encounter random events when exploring. (Chance is equal to percentage of extra land explored, and does not occur in protection. If you are 1000 acres and explore 200 acres the chance is 20%), +15% gains when hitting larger acre provinces, -35% Defensive Combat Deaths
Traveller: -35% Exploration time, +15% Barracks Coverage,+50% Random Events.


New: Logistics ( -1% Attack Time in Unfriendly, -3% Attack Time in Hostile, -5% Attack Time in War)
-10% Attack time
Kingdom Influence: +4% Combat Gains

Soldier: +50% Draft Rate, -25% Food Consumption
Militant: 50% acres lost on ambush
Warlord: -50% Draft costs and wages
Duelist:+15% gains on the last province that successfully attacked you
Captain: -7% Attack Time
Jouster: Gain honour from conquest attacks (about a quarter of traditonal march),Conquest is 15% quicker, +4% Combat Gains


New: Harmony (Outside of War +5% Building Efficiency, in War -5% Building Efficiency)
-10% Enemy Gains from combat
Kingdom Influence: -5% Enemy Gains from combat

Cardinal: Spell: Blessing,+100% (double) success for guild based spells (self spells and bless/restore)
Supplicant: Supplicant: No defensive combat deaths when you are ambushed. No offensive loses on an ambush, Ambush is 25% (was 15%) quicker, -15% (was-10%) Training Cost
Preacher: 25% magic resistance, -25% science learning time, Spell: Mind Focus
Monk: -1 stealth, +1 mana per hour, +30% (was+20%) Guild Coverage, +5% Defensive Military Bonus.
Bishop: +30% Guard Station coverage, +15% Fort Coverage, +35% Birth Rate
Priestess: Restoration spell, Holy Vortex spell, +15% Rune Production, +20% Operation or Spell Duration Bonus. -5% Enemy Gains from combat


NEW:Fruitful Bounty (Each land provides +2 food)
-30% (was-20%) Combat Deaths

Kingdom Influence: -10% Combat Deaths

Elder:Nullify Spell, Immune to Fog +10% Building Flat Effect
Ranger: -50% Exploration time, -25% explore soldier cost, +1 Stealth, -1 Mana per hour, +25% Training Grounds Coverage.
Soothsayer: +50% success on Tornado and +50% damage,+50% success on lightning and +50% damage,+50% success on drought or storms and +50% duration
Shepherd: Stables have 400% capacity, capture 25% enemy horses when attacked
Ovate:Rune Harvest Spell, 20% minimum success on spells and thief ops.
Shapeshifter: 0.5% specialists trained into elites each day


As always the rules are the same for everyone, please provide feedback and suggestions.
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Re: Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby Lightning » 26 Jan 2017, 19:23

I like the new bonus effects for personalities :) Some comments...

- Sage and Cleric definitely feel the weakest right now. Sage could use more sci effectiveness bonuses than +10%. Cleric just seems a bit awkward right now. It doesn't seem to fit a specific role very well. Maybe turn it into a pure support personality? Give it friendly spells to cast on kingdom members or other support-type things. Dwarven Ambush and Major Restoration are great examples of unique ways to support your teammates. Maybe give Cleric a bunch of these types of tools and make it a full support personality :)
- Warrior's new passive seems VERY weak compared to the other new passives. It would better as +3/5/7% IMO.
- I fully support reducing KD size to 10.
- I like the introduction of drawbacks to all the races and not just a couple. Some of them feel a bit more harsh than others (Orcs *cough*). But overall I like them.
- I love the new stance changes kingdoms will go through as war approaches. Very nice QoL change IMO to prevent outside interference.
- Please look into Clear Sight. It appears to not be working at all. Would love to see this fixed before next age.


Re: Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby Lightning » 26 Jan 2017, 19:52

Other comments...

- Change to Sci NW is much appreciated. Sci was worth way too much NW. Still might be worth too much but it's a step in the right direction :)
- The Avian drawback has me worried. Wouldn't go so far as to say it needs to be reduced, but it definitely seems harsh.

Strongest Races IMO: Dwarf, Faery, and Gnome
Strongest Personalities IMO: Artisan, Champion, Rogue and maybe Druid.

Weakest Races IMO: Orc, Ent, and Avian
Weakest Personalities IMO: Cleric and Sage


Re: Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby zim312 » 26 Jan 2017, 19:59

attacker legendaries getting any boosts? snaga/stormbringer/thor hammer? werewolf/unicorn got boosts
eye of rhynn also needs like +1000% success on intel ops since its the 'all seeing eye' also fix the 20/30% casualties auto-retrain its not working. attack a prov w/ the single item, som will show no new troops in training even though they were lost in combat?
necro change was weak.. allow mashup of chosen and 24hr random personality advisors to make real legendary effect!

those -35% to 50% wpa/tpa/learn effect/etc are pretty harsh.
whats faery penalty? they have advisor that did fully offset the penalty, now overall -10% income? vs another race's -50% tpa effect? or -35% wpa? equal to 10% less income? :P

i like the personality unique bonus but obviously some are way cooler/better than others :)
you sure you don't have rogue and mystic effect vs kd effect swapped? kd effect is better than the personal effect?

sage gifted child should just start w/ 10x the normal starting books not honor for no reason..?

WH +honor gains could be better.. something cool and given a name like champion/warrior/etc
how about
Glory: successful trad marches gain 25% extra honor, and no wages for army away on attacks
(that way its an attacker bonus, not a thief/mage honor whoring machine)

warrior: call it leadfoot or something to do w/ speed/speeding and boost the attack time reduction 3/5/8?

cleric gets a potentially negative personality unique bonus? doesn't seem right.
how about Faith: 20% chance to cast restoration/holy vortex without cost

Druid's is ok.. needs a name though..
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Re: Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby Anything » 27 Jan 2017, 02:34

-30% science effect is too harsh for orcs, maybe -10% will be an effective balance on it.

Probably can adjust the +50% wages on the human, probabaly +25% and limit prisoner income to 50% of working population income. So if peasants gives 100k income, income from
Prisoners gives max 50k regardless the amount of prisoner, which results to 150k income.

I don't see the benefit of +1 off spec for avian, can replace it with some other buff? And for the combat losses, can it be in peace only? That loss nerf going into war is very harsh for a fast attacking race, making it the last pick for any warring kingdom.

Looks balanced. But, is the strongest of the all-out attacking race.


Re: Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby Armyman » 27 Jan 2017, 03:44

zim312 wrote:also fix the 20/30% casualties auto-retrain its not working

It works fine. The troops enter retrain and come back next tick.


Re: Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby Anything » 27 Jan 2017, 04:23

Anything wrote:Orcs
-30% science effect is too harsh for orcs, maybe -10% will be an effective balance on it.

Probably can adjust the +50% wages on the human, probabaly +25% and limit prisoner income to 50% of working population income. So if peasants gives 100k income, income from
Prisoners gives max 50k regardless the amount of prisoner, which results to 150k income.

I don't see the benefit of +1 off spec for avian, can replace it with some other buff? And for the combat losses, can it be in peace only? That loss nerf going into war is very harsh for a fast attacking race, making it the last pick for any warring kingdom.

Looks balanced. But, is the strongest of the all-out attacking race.

I meant the +1 off bonus for human. Not avian. My bad.


Re: Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby Grif » 27 Jan 2017, 14:27

I think a few minor changes are always welcome but what is broken in the game mechanic must be fixed first and none of the proposed changes will work to fix the major exploits

I copy and paste what I sent you a few days back (with some modifications)
1) limit druid stables bonus to max the first 5% stables (whit 400% bonus is like 25% stables). Last age the top nw province was an orc druid with 80% stables at end of age and over 12 millions horses to get NW trophy

2) limit merchant prisoners bonus to max the first 2.5-5% dungeons (again same as 12.5-25% dungeons). This age there were several human provinces with over 100k prisoners and an income of a few millions/tick on 2k-3k acres (Im not joking) (this seems to be fixed by last update where income seems to be calculated correctly)

3) change the force war NW calculation. Kgd still use to raze/rebuild acres and relearn science to lower their NW and partially deny the max +10% NW growth limit before war cancellation. The optimal solution would be to check the war cancellation button against a different NW formula where all acres are worth as built and books as learned

4) AVOID KINGMAKING END OF AGE as this seriously disturbs any serious players
A) you cant release dspecs or elites last year of the age unless at war
B) apply a different set of force war conditions to the top 2 leading kgds
- [YES] You have not beaten them already in war, until after yr9.
- [NO] They have more or equal war points than you and more than zero.
- [YES] Target is within 100%-110% nw range.
- [YES] Your meter on them must be less or equal to their meter.
- [NO] You have equal or less provinces than them.
- [CHANGE THIS] You cannot declare or be declared, OFFER OR ACCEPT CHALLENGE until 72 hours after your last war concluded.
- [CHANGE THIS] The declared on kingdom must have finished its war at least 71 hours before.

Is frustrating to see how this age again the war crown will be assigned to a kgd that capitulated to the strongest kgd just to find a fake war with a kgd half its size the last two days of the age. Honestly this is personally the #1 reason that would make me look for a different game where to spend my time
You wrote that the rules are the same for everyone. True. But does that mean we should all look for fake wars the last few days of the age in order to win? I hope not and I still hope you will take care of the situation

5) this last one is only a suggestion. You removed assassinate wizards out of war but you left massacre. Basically TM cannot protect from massacre except with shield of denial. I think guilds and eventually thieves dens should respectively protect from massacre wizards and spies

regarding the proposed changes i think
-now that human prisoners is working as expected there s no need to drop elites to 6/5
-I dont think elf needs the -5% pop. Is fine like it is
-also avians dont need the extra casualties or the 8/1 leets, they are already one of the less chosen races (competitively)
-dwarf doesnt need the extra pop bonus either. Is already the strongest war combat race of the game
-weaker legendaries .. they are not going to be chosen as the sci/gains legendaries are still so much better. what will happen is that players will still use the same legendaries and just pick the single items you improved to fill their items inventory (example Talisman of Nox +9% wpa/tpa instead of 5%) (I already see all the TM crying for happiness)

thanks for reading
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Re: Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby zim312 » 27 Jan 2017, 15:37

I think you're missing that the change to legendaries is they are legendary and by definition, more than the sum of their parts..

so talisman of nox will stay the same. but when combined for legendary you get the boosted effect
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Re: Age 34 - The Age of Woe - Preliminary Changes

Postby Grif » 27 Jan 2017, 16:39

i think you are missing that normally legendaries are by definition less than the combined bonus of the parts ..
sword +11% off - combined bonus 11,49%
axe +11% off 8% gains - combined bonus 11,45% and 8,21%
eureka +30% sci effect - combined bonus 34,74%

but still you may be right and in this case the legendaries may get a boost despite the single parts remaining the same (at least i hope, especially for the most popular of them)
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