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Re: Dragons

Nouda wrote:All military sent to slay it will die're screwed either way =D

In that case just wait the 144 game days/ticks, for the dragon to fly away (6 real life days)
by Mark
14 Apr 2011, 03:54
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Topic: Dragons
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Re: New science formula

Ok. I completely understand the new formula now. now lets say you have put all your points into population. Then u learn someone. Do u get to pick where to put the points from the learn or is there a chance that its going to mess up your 100% into 1 science. ?? Learn Attacks takes a percentage of e...
by Freeway
23 Feb 2011, 09:05
Forum: Questions & Answers / Strategy Talk
Topic: New science formula
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Re: Do bonus stack?

All bonuses multiply with exception of race, personality and BE bonuses. But I asked precisely about race and personality bonus. :P But let me rephrase my question... for race and personality bonus, do equal bonus type stack or does one overrides the other, and if yes which (and always, or it depen...
by Hav1k
19 Feb 2011, 00:35
Forum: Questions & Answers / Strategy Talk
Topic: Do bonus stack?
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Re: Trifecta

Vinnie wrote:My advice is, dont even try it..

Good advice.
by Mark
15 Feb 2011, 23:46
Forum: Questions & Answers / Strategy Talk
Topic: Trifecta
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